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Fried chicken with cornflakes, delicious chicken fingers for the little ones!

Hello!! I don’t usually publish posts on Sunday, but this Sunday is a special day because we are going with the previous one, the warm up to join a new challenge with which I hope to have a lot of fun and that you also enjoy with my recipes.

What…, what challenge am I talking about? The #Asaltablogs, of course.

This new challenge will give me the opportunity to visit new blogs that I don’t know and raid their kitchens to take delicious recipes and bring them to you. On this occasion, and as a special, we have agreed to raid the blog of the “boss”. It will be our #MotínAsaltablogs hahaha! I hope she likes the surprise.

Some time ago I made a similar one but instead of making it with cornflakes, I made it with kikos (roasted corn). It was very tasty and I have the pictures, but I never published it. Now, it was the occasion to repeat it and improve it.

We have skipped the sesame seeds, which my kids don’t like very much, and we have given it a touch of spices that you know I love. I used ras el hanut (spice blend), a mixture of herbs and spices typical of the Maghreb, which is sensational.

The kids loved it. I’ll tell you no more than they have taken more than half a kilo of chicken between the two of them. They are at the age of growing up and they are already eating their father by the feet, hehe!

Well, let’s see the recipe that I hope you like.



650 gr. of chicken breast. 200 gr. of cornflakes without sugar. 2 eggs M Plain flour 1/2 teaspoon of ras el hanut Salt Freshly ground black pepper Extra virgin olive oil Extra virgin olive oil* Extra virgin olive oil* Extra virgin olive oil*** Extra virgin olive oil
Chili sauce

*I have used a cut of chicken meat that I have found here in Lima and that I had never seen sold like this. It is chicken silverside fillet, which is the fillet that is just below the chicken breast. It is delicious and has an ideal size for these “chicken fingers”.

**WARNING: No sugar (If you buy the Kellogg’s ones, they are NOT the tiger ones, they are the rooster ones).

***Since here in Lima the AOVE costs like gold, I used a good sunflower oil special fried.


We cut the pieces of breast more or less thick. (I did not have to cut them because the chicken silverside comes perfect and I wanted them to be long).
Season with salt and pepper on all sides.
Crush the cornflakes together with the ras el hanut, putting them in a freezer bag, close the zipper and with a rolling pin, pass over them until they are very crushed. It is not necessary to make them powder because they are very good with a little texture.
In a plate we put the flour, in another one the cornflakes and in a third one we beat the eggs.
We take small pieces of breast or silverside. Flour them well, dip them in the egg, drain and pass them through the cornflakes.
Tighten the cornflakes a little against the chicken so that they are well fastened and then when frying they do not come loose too much.
Bread all the pieces while heating oil in a small frying pan. The oil should be slightly more than half of the frying pan. We put it over medium heat until it is very hot.
We fry the chicken pieces little by little so that they fry well. 
We leave on a plate with absorbent paper to drain all the oil.
We can serve hot but I tell you that cold are also scary.

To accompany these delicious “chicken fingers” I put chili sauce, (you have the link in the ingredients), a spicy delight that you will love. Of course, you can accompany them with the sauce you like the most. The kids naturally wanted ketchup but ….. I was amazed because they almost didn’t try it. They were eating them without ketchup and that means …. they were so good that they didn’t need anything else.

Well, tell me, is this recipe simple or not? Well, it is even better. And, in case you want another kind of chicken, these Indian-style fried chicken thighs were also devoured without mercy. (Although they say fried, they are baked in the oven and then browned a bit in the pan).


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